Every American cocktail conference you should attend this year

23 May 2016

by: Liquor.com

January is cold and bleak throughout much of the U.S., and most people are either doing a post-holiday cleanse or hibernating at home with Netflix. But a dry month is worth skipping for a trip to the San Antonio Cocktail Conference (Jan. 11–15, 2017), where the weather is warm and the Margaritas are cold. In its fifth year, this conference is a true nonprofit event that gives 100 percent of proceeds to Houston Street Charities to benefit the children of San Antonio. This conference is wonderful because it provides seminars for bartenders who want to focus on career development and cocktail innovation, with book signings and cocktail events for consumers all over the city. The parties are heavily catered by local restaurants, giving ticket buyers a generous taste of local flavors and delicacies such as handmade Mole and Frito Pie along with signature drinks such as the Beso Margarita. CLICK HERE for more from Liquor.com.

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