Aaron Campos

Director of Coffee

Dark Matter Coffee

After 2 years as a barista at Star Lounge Coffee Bar in Chicago, IL, Aaron assisted in establishing Dark Matter Coffee and was among the first team to roast coffee for the company. During the initial years of Dark Matter, Aaron quickly elevated to Roasting Manager and assisted in the early year's of it's wholesale program.

As Roasting Manager, Aaron learned to use various types of roasters with proficiency in fluid be technology. During this time, Dark Matter began asserting a strong emphasis on relationship coffee.

Aaron is a major contributor in coffee purchasing decisions and established and maintained relationships with farmers across the Americas. together with owner Jesse Diaz, they have traveled South and Central America, discovered untouched coffee farms, sourced, established and maintained relationships.
In the past 2 years Aaron lead many projects such as collaborating with breweries for coffee beers, barrel aging, and innovative processing with coffee farmers. Additionally, he has established Dark Matter's barista training program and quality control lab.
Currently as Director of Coffee, Aaron has devoted his career to Dark Matter and continues to push the envelope on coffee innovation.