Andreas Imhof

Chef de Cuisine

Restaurant Gwendolyn

Andreas Imhof works as the Chef de Cuisine at Restaurant Gwendolyn where he uses his imagination to thrive without the use of electricity in the kitchen. While some might see this as a burden, Andreas finds enjoyment in utilizing basic, backyard ingredients to create a unique fine dining experience. Andreas draws from his previous experience as a sushi chef to consistently deliver dishes that are both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. This background as well as his classic French culinary training lead him to gravitate more to raw, fresh ingredients which is a perfect marriage with the kitchen style of Restaurant Gwendolyn.

Andreas, a native of New York whose parents immigrated from Switzerland, learned about his love of cuisine at a young age visiting the south of France. He fell in love with the farmer’s markets and the idea of fresh to table food. After spending the majority of his childhood in New York, Andreas and his family transplanted to Texas, which provided an entire new landscape of ingredients and flavors. After working in Austin for several years as a sushi chef, Andreas entered culinary school and found his calling in the kitchen at Vespiao. “That’s when it finally clicked,” he said, “the rush of dinner service, the brotherhood among the kitchen.” Andreas had found his passion.

Andreas had a desire to work for the Gwendolyn Group, especially it’s flagship, Restaurant Gwendolyn and was hired as Lead Sauteé close to three years ago. Fast forward to now and Andreas is the Chef de Cuisine at Restaurant Gwendolyn and is able to flex his creative muscles with the menu and challenge himself daily with the cooking style in the kitchen.