Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson takes simple dishes and transforms them into culinary artistry with techniques honed at some of the finest restaurants in the country. As one of the city’s sleeping giants, he’s ready to burst onto San Antonio’s food scene and share his creativity and strong kitchen management skills at The Maverick.

“My career has a singular focus on quality and consistency, whether it’s inside or outside the kitchen,” he said. “It’s part of everything I do.”

A Chicago native who trained at Kendall College’s culinary program, Carlson worked with the internationally renowned culinary icon Charlie Trotter, MK and the James Beard-award winning Trio. Once he moved to San Antonio, Carlson teamed up with Andrew Weissman at Le Rêve, which Gourmet magazine proclaimed one of the top 10 restaurants in the country.

Carlson worked alongside Weissman — long regarded as one of the city’s finest chefs — for some 15 years including his time as chef de cuisine of The Sandbar, a critical favorite as the best seafood restaurant in the region. After The Sandbar, he garnered acclaim for his work heading the kitchen at Brigid restaurant and later set standards and trained the staff at rising star Edera Osteria Enoteca.

As a child, he watched Julia Child on television and still delights in the joys of classic cuisine. For Carlson, cooking great food is a matter of honing skills through lots of practice.

“People will say, ‘Oh you’re an artist.’ I have always looked at it as a craft. The reason I’m able to do something well is because I have done it over and over. No matter what you’re doing, it always comes down to proper technique.”