Justin Manzi

Executive Chef

Cover 3

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Chef Manzi spent many years diversifying and honing his craft in multiple areas of the food world. His early experience with Hilton Hotels taught him the value of hospitality while his professional experiences with corporations such as Landry‚Äôs taught him the importance of consistency and provided the opportunity for him to elevate and refine his culinary skills. 

However, his most valuable and educational experiences were gained from two people: Chef Michael Carrino and his mother, Shelley Manzi. 

Chef Michael Carrino of New Jersey is the chef/owner of a locally acclaimed restaurant offering seasonal menus with a scratch kitchen emphasis, boasting fresh pastas prepared daily and house-cured charcuterie. Under Chef Michael Carrino, Chef Justin continued to refine his skills while gaining a broader appreciation for and commitment to foods prepared free of chemicals and preservatives.

Chef Manzi claims his mother Shelley is, "the best cook I've ever met, simply because she does on a whim what most people have to go to school to learn!" Chef Manzi looks forward to bringing his creative spin and passion into the Cover brand and to move forward with it's local scratch kitchen values and guest first attitude.