Diana and John Anderson


JD's Chili Parlor

A San Antonio-based, family-owned business, JD's Chili Parlor was born out of a true love for each other and of chili! On Diana and John Anderson’s first date over 10 years ago, he made her a pot of chili. As it was far too spicy for her to eat, he made her a milder batch on the spot and the rest is history! Well, not quite. In truth, it was thanks to their son, Wade, who wanted to start a business and share his family’s amazing chili with the world.

They largely owe their inspiration to the Chile Queens, a group of women who served chili con carne to the community in the plazas of San Antonio from the 1860s until the late 1930s.

With a background in art, design, engineering and manufacturing, the duo was ready to make gourmet chili and food their passion and mission. For more information, contact jdschiliparlor@gmail.com