Graciela Ángeles Carreño

Mezcal Real Minero

Graciela Angeles Carreño represents the fourth generation of traditional mezcal producers in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca. As the Director General of Mezcal Real Minero, she is responsible for and directly involved in all aspects of production and business of her family’s mezcal.

She is a sociologist by training, holding a masters with a focus on Regional and Rural Development. Graciela was born into mezcal: it has always been the lens through which she sees the world, and her greatest passion. She is also one of very few women in her community who had the opportunity to pursue higher education.

This combination of traditional and academic background is what makes her voice totally unique in the world of mezcal. Her academic training led her to cast her vision back to themaguey fields where she grew up. Things as everyday and familiar as the smell of cooked maguey were made extraordinary, and she began to see and think about mezcal in a totally different way.