Julie Ann Rader

Owner / Sweet Creator

Sweet Circles of Love

Growing up in Ohio, Julie Ann's family - Mom, Grandmothers and Aunts baked cookies from scratch. That meant they typically didn't eat store bought cookies or pre-made mixtures, where you scoop and bake. Quality, home-baked cookies were and continues to be what comes out of their kitchens, which is where Julie Ann learned and tasted the difference. Fast forward many cities and states later, Julie Ann has experimented and perfected her sweets, which resulted in friends (especially the "cookie monster") encouraging her to sell them. So, with the inside "scoop" from her wonderful hairstylist/friend - Beth, Sweet Circles of Love began.

Julie Ann’s focus is on cookies baked fresh for your order, wonderful tasting, in boutique-style packaging, customized for her clients. Her LOVE Cookie – dark chocolate, pecan and oatmeal and her hand-painted, soft sugar cookies are huge hits for cookie lovers. She admits her freestyle, hand painting may not be “perfect”, as no two are exactly alike, but the cookies do taste amazing!

Her success today would not have been possible without the unconditional love and support from her significant love – Christopher Koval. And of course, all those who “love” and appreciate good, made-from-scratch, fresh cookies!

Outside of the kitchen, she loves spending time with her Texas family – Christopher, Caleb and her four-legged kiddos - Syvannah, Zarabella and Jazxen Bleu.