Kenneth A. York

Chef and Owner

Levitikus Catering Company

Levitikus Catering Company foundational cornerstone is the legacy of my grandmothers’ love through food. Her means, meager by most standards over a three quarter of a century ago but her ability to accommodate the hungry appetites of an enormous family always amazed me. She had a way of touching the soul in everything she cooked. The ingredients, unsophisticated, fresh from the fields and earth (I remember days of sitting on my grandmother’s porch shucking corn or snappin’ peas or picking blackberries for cobbler or stewed, then poured over homemade biscuits). The holidays, her love never more present in her meals but the desserts… no words. Each of us feasted on a dish tailor seemly made just for us. It’s a love that has bridge the generations of my family since and the inspiration of every bite I am blessed to create and share to the world.