Krastina Reynolds

Choicolate Artsan Chocolates

Choicolate, pronounced "CHOI-ko-lah-t," was founded in 2010 and is named as a play-on-word 'Choi,' the maiden name of its first chocolatier. Owners, Army veteran Leroy Reynolds and his wife Krastina 'Kris' Reynolds, the Chocolatier, continue the traditional mastery of handcrafting each individual piece with the finest ingredients in small batches and without preservatives. Kris, a Bulgarian Folk singer, born and raised southeast Bulgaria; trained as a musician and multiple languages; providentially settled in San Antonio where she discovered and mastered the gem that is artisan chocolates. All of the chocolates are made at the original boutique, with great attention to details and uncompromising standard. Choicolate Artisan Chocolates are pure pleasures to the eye and the palate. "We believe that Choicolate is God's gift; we are his servants."Choicolate is God's gift; we are his servants."