Kristine Kittrell

Weather Up

Kristine Kittrell was a traveler before she was a cook. Originally from Canada, she migrated to the Caribbean after college and discovered ceviche, jerk pork, and fried plantains (among other un-Canadian cuisines). After two years, she left to visit parts of the Mediterranean, Mexico, and South Asia, digesting the culinary culture at every stop. When she landed in Austin in 1997, Kristine began working at Jeffrey’s Restaurant. Kristine left Jeffrey’s in 2003 to found El Chile Café y Cantina. Two years later, she helped open that restaurant’s “little brother,” El Chilito. After 5 years with El Chile, Kristine left to further her culinary studies. She staged in Barcelona, working at Michellin starred Comerc 24 and Cinc Sentits, and spent a summer studying pastry in Vancouver B.C. After two years as the Executive Chef at Mulberry, a downtown wine bar, she moved to Weather Up where she became the Executive Chef of an amazing little kitchen under the stairs. While the kitchen still thrives under her leadership, Kristine has broadened her scope of work At Weather Up Austin where she is now the managing partner. She plays a key role in syrup and cocktail development, curates and coordinates events such as the annual Billy Reid Shindig during SXSW and polishes a lot of glassware. Weather Up is more than a job for Kristine. It is a family affair.