Miles Munroe

Lead Distiller

House Spirits Distillery

A former bartender, Miles left the service industry to pursue a career in brewing & distilling despite his profound confusion with science and math. After graduating from the American Brewers Guild he worked in the brewing industry in Portland for several years before joining House Spirits in 2013. There he's helped curate their whiskey program while growing the distilleries brands into craft industry standards. Miles currently runs the sensory evaluation panels and the barrel warehouse operations for House, selecting and blending barrels in extremely small batches for bottling. Loving whiskey and the astounding process of controlled fermentation which gives incredible flavor and aroma, he wants only to share the knowledge gained from reading so many books with fascinating titles like 'Yeast' and 'Fermented Beverage Production' so you shouldn't have to. Miles has his office in the distillery lab where he also heads the R&D department, experimenting with spirit styles and soaking lots of things in alcohol. He discovered his unique sensory ability at a young age while getting to know a Tennessee whiskey with some friends who couldn't understand why he was tasting banana peel with every swig, but attributed it to many skating-related concussions. A bright future awaited. Raised in New England, Miles has lived in almost every part of the US, but has managed to stay put in Portland, OR now for nine years.