Rico Torres

Chef and Co-Owner


Rico Torres, chef and co-owner, at Mixtli is a true family man who learned his craft early on. After years of building experience in the culinary industry and in customer service, he is proud to be a partner in Mixtli.

Torres was born in El Paso but his family hails from Zacatecas, Mexico. He was immersed early on in the heritage of Zacatecas and greater Mexico, both in travel and through daily life. Even as a child, Torres knew the kitchen held his heart.

“Cooking always came naturally to me. I’ve always enjoyed the endless opportunities for creativity. No matter where I was in life, I was never far from a kitchen. I think cooking chose me.” Torres said on how he got into the culinary profession.

Torres is a self-taught chef through dedication, curiosity, books and other chefs. Completely dedicated to his craft, he has taken the opportunities that came his way including staging in different kitchens across the country.

“I moved to San Antonio because it always felt like home. I stayed because it’s an exciting time to be part of the city’s growth.” Torres said on why he moved to San Antonio in 2000.

In October 2003, Torres started Rico Caters, a small catering service. Rico Caters quickly became known for its innovative cuisine and exceptional customer service. He learned what it meant to run a business and grow it from the ground up. These skills have proved to be invaluable at Mixtli.

Mixtli is the natural evolution to serve Torres’ next higher purpose, to re-embrace his heritage and to create. He has taken the recipes and techniques he learned early on from family and applied them to Mixtli. He collaborates with his partner Diego Galicia and the two have built an amazing concept and seen it through. Building a business from the ground up takes hard work and to this day, Torres is hands on in every aspect of the business. His day-to-day duties include menu creation, recipe tasting, employee training and supervision, financial management, customer relations and even dishwasher.

Torres’ passion is cooking and owning his own business but his heart lies with his family. He says that that greatest job he has ever had is being a father and husband to his wife Catrina and sons Noah and Kingston. When he is not at work he spends his time making sure his family has a really good dinner together. Overall, Torres is a pretty grounded guy but if he could live anywhere it would be space.