Sarah Heard

Executive Chef / Owner

Foreign & Domestic

Sarah Heard grew up watching her mom and grandmother cook from scratch, developing a taste for food that is crafted, not produced. She entered the industry in high school by way of Red Lobster where she initially decided to pursue restaurant management, but was told by a line cook that “girls couldn’t handle the kitchen.” In defiance, Sarah immediately transferred to the kitchen where she did more than prove him wrong.

Sarah was hired a short time later as a banquet server at The Mansion at Judges Hill. She was moved to the kitchen quickly and promoted to Executive Sous Chef by the Owner, Lisa Weidemann, who remains her mentor to this day. She left The Mansion in 2012 to accept her first Executive Chef Job at the Winfield Inn.

In 2013, at the age of 24, she accepted the title of Banquet Chef at Shawn Cirkiel’s downtown destination, Parkside. Here she met her fellow chef, future business partner, and future love, Nathan Lemley.

Outside of work hours, Sarah enjoys gardening, raising chickens and goats for food, and teaching her 5 year old daughter to cook and respect nature. Sarah particularly enjoys working with young culinary students and mentors several young cooks in Austin.

One night, while talking shop with Ned Elliot of Foreign & Domestic, he mentioned selling the business. Sarah slept on it, and the next morning she called him and asked "Ok, how much?" She and Nathan were in business.