Saraj Selectman

Kis Kitchen

Saraj Selectman was born in the Philippians in the late 80’s and developed a passion for cooking at the young age of 6. Saraj was raised between Los Angeles, CA and Shreveport, La, with grandmothers and aunts that catered events throughout the community. Saraj passion to cook and feed people grew over the years and inspired Saraj to start Kis Kitchen.

Saraj joined the US Airforce In 2009, and began catering local events in the community. By the age 25 Saraj decided it was time to let the world taste her scrumptious entrée’, and Creole recipes. Saraj has partnered up with 3 individuals whom all share a love for cooking, and very unique recipes and has opened Kis Kitchen, Keeping it simple kitchen mobile catering and Food Truck.