Sasha Petraske

When Sasha Petraske opened his first bar, Milk and Honey, on the lower east side, he brought a cocktail style and a bar etiquette that would go on to inspire bar professionals and engage the public for years to come.

Milk and Honey in 1999 was just the beginning. Sasha had a desire to instill the cocktail culture with a sense of sophistication. His cocktails were carefully and expertly crafted, reminiscent of a pre-Prohibition era. His role in this cocktail revival would help inspire others to open bars like this all over the world, and despite his early death in August 2015, Sasha will continue to be a remarkable force in our cocktail scene.

It was Sasha who said that he would help put together the first Cocktail Conference if it was about charitable giving. And so was born the San Antonio Cocktail Conference in January of 2012. With Sasha’s guidance, tutelage, and passion, the conference has continued to grow, and in his footsteps, it too has found an important place on the cocktail map. We will continue to embrace Sasha’s sense of style in all of our events and activities, and we will remain committed to our mission, Pouring our Hearts Out, supporting children’s charities each year.

Cheers, Mr. Petraske. You are missed every day.