Tomas Estes

Tomas Estes is one of the most influential people in the Tequila industry outside of the distillers themselves. Tomas is one of two Tequila Ambassadors for the Mexican Government worldwide. Just a few of his accolades include being recognized twice by the Mexican national tequila chamber with the title of "Ambassador to Europe for Tequila" and received a Life Time Achievement Award from "Theme" Magazine for his work with Tequila in the hospitality industry. In 2008 Tomas was given the award of "Outstanding Contribution to the Bar and Restaurant Industry" in the United Kingdom and was voted the "6th Most Influential Person in the U.K. Bar Trade" by the readers of "Theme" Magazine.

Tomas has a true love of Tequila that shines through all he does. He is often found as a guest speaker talking about the taste and process of hand crafted Tequilas to educational groups and connoisseurs. He also teaches the wine and spirits educational trust course on tequila and is a writer on staff for "Tequila 100%" a magazine in Mexico that specializes in Tequila category information and tasting.

Tomas prides himself as a bartender/trade person at heart. He began as a dishwasher and kitchen helper and eventually put himself through school to earn a degree in teaching. Tomas however, couldn't stay away from the service industry, he has opened 17 restaurants and/or bars in Holland, England, France, Germany, Italy and Australia (still owning his four flagship properties); he speaks 4 languages and continues to write articles about Tequila in Europe and the U.S.; not as an expert or an authority, but as a veteran, having drank it for 40 years and served more than 4 million margaritas over a period of more than 26 years, in 6 different lands.

After 20 years of going on an annual pilgrimage to Burgundy in France tasting red and white wine "en primeur" (from the barrel before bottling), Tomas developed a sophisticated wine appreciation as well as palate. With this knowledge and sophistication, as well an appreciation for the "slow food" process, Tomas help create Tequila Ocho, the only brand he has been personally involved with as a partner. The respect for the Artesenal process is why of all the distillers he knows well, Tomas chose the Camerenas Family to create Tequila Ocho with him. Together they created an agave led product that proves "terroir" from a Single Estate has an effect on agave just as it does on wine. Tequila Ocho celebrates the different nuances from each vintage and estate - making Tequila Ocho rare and collectable.